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Composite pools

StroyPlast manufactures composite pools and automatic terraces.

Quality of the PRESTIGE ® swimming pools is ensured mainly by application of the best materials as well as state-of-the-art production technologies. The swimming pools are manufactured under factory conditions by highly qualified personnel. Each stage of manufacture is supervised. All these factors ensure excellent quality of the PRESTIGE ®swimming pools.

Currently, composite swimming pools become more popular than obsolete inflatable and frame pools because they have a number of undeniable advantages. It shall be noted that composite swimming pools may be installed indoors: in the house or sauna.

Features and Prices


The prices are specified for the swimming pools of standard color (white, light-blue, blue).
All swimming pools are provided with anti-slipping coating along the perimeter of the edges (edge width 16 cm) and on the stairs.

Swimming Pool Walls

Reinforcing sandwich layer ensures energy saving and maintains warm temperature of water in the pool for a long time. Total thickness of the pool walls and bottom is minimum 8 mm and 10-14 mm in the reinforced parts.

We offer 5-year warranty for pool durability and surface integrity.
20-year warranty for pool leak tightness!
Useful lifetime of the pool is more than 50 years!

ECONOM swimming pools are standard pools made of the same materials, but of lesser thickness 4-6 mm. Decorative and protective layer of the surface is identical to standard swimming pools.
Useful lifetime of the pool is more than 50 years!

Anti-slipping coating is applied to the horizontal surfaces: stairs and seats in the pool. This coating is a part of the pool surface and has a homogeneous structure as compared with the materials applied after manufacture of the pool. These coatings ensure safety, do not cause discomfort and do not become dirty.

We offer swimming pools of the following colors:

Please, be aware that color reproduction of different computer monitors cannot reflect 100% color of pool coating.

We supervise each stage of manufacture!


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